(a portrait of the artist as a young pup)

     I was born at a very young age to my two parents. The only thing bad about my childhood (other than getting housebroke) didn't happen until I was about thirty-five years old. That's when I learned that my great-great-something grandfather was a pirate on a sailing ship.  What a marvelous thing to find out in middle age. Chicks really dig that sort of thing and I could have made good use of that info in grade school.

     I'm sure my interest in found object art began because of my dad's job. He was a cashier for a bus company for decades. He was also in charge of the Lost and Found, and the volume of stuff that people leave behind on a bus is almost unbelievable.  After 30 days (or whatever the policy was) all the stuff was up for grabs.  So just about every day the clock ran out on a batch of stuff and it came home with him (he rode the bus).

     Lots of stuff, over the years (I was eleven before I knew that the right glove was supposed to look like the left). But far more interesting than gloves and umbrellas were the smalls: jackknives, jewelry, keys - all manner of trinkets.  I grew to like playing around with stuff and graduated to just liking stuff for its own sake.

     I used to think people who needed pathways to get around in their house were kind of mental but I don't think that anymore. Some people just like stuff around them. I suppose some are making up for childhood deprivation but not all are. Take a moment and look up some pictures of Alexander Calder's studio.  I'll wait for you.

     (dum de dum ... do-dah ...do-dah) There. See what I mean? That's my kind of guy. My kind of studio. Looks like a tornado in a hardware store.

     That's about all you need to know about me for now.


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found object art
by gary carlson
geneva, ny

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